Phonar: Task 4 – Final video + Critical Rationale

For task 4 of Phonar I had to take one of the assignments that was completed as a class in the Making workshops and either complete the assignment again or remake the image however this time it must be done using audio or video instead of still image. For this task I decided to use the assignment set by Tim Walker that we had to complete overnight. For this task it was important to incorporate key visual language elements that we had been discussing and experimenting with in the workshops. The synopsis of this task can be found below along with my response to the task.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 20.05.52


The image that I produced for the Tim Walker assignment was of the pile of books in my room beside my bed. I wanted to show the spines of the books as well as the pages as they indicate how far I am through the book and it make them more personal to me. By taking the image at a slight angle and not front on I have made the focus of the image less about the tiles of the books are more about me as a reader and why I love reading.

Following on from this image I decided to make a video showing me interacting with the book from the act of picking the book up through to showing where I sit to read the book as this would give the viewer an insight into my personal experience when reading as well as the space around me. In the video I chose to shoot at a variety of angles to tell a story that shows my perspective when choosing the book all the way through to the act of reading the book itself.

The focus of the video is to show the narrative of the ways in which I interact with the book and my personal experience rather than focusing on what is written on the page and the book itself. Hence why on the above shot of me reading the book the text is not readable rather it shows the act of me reading. It was important for me to include some of the visual language that was present in my original image, therefore I chose to include a shot which pans over my bookshelf as this is references the book pile in my original image and also gives the viewer and insight into the amount of books I have in my uni room which in turn gives them an insight into me as a person.

While I used some of the visual language that was present in my image I also wanted to experiment with different visual tropes as it was a new medium. Therefore I have decided to keep my video in colour rather than turning it to black and white like in the image. For the image this worked well as it corrected the yellow lighting in my room and gave a focus to the details of the books however because I was not shooting close-ups of the books this time I felt colour was needed to create a warmer and cosier atmosphere as that is what I experience when reading. In addition to this, I also chose to add an instrumental track to the video as I felt it helped create the atmosphere I intended as without any sound I believe it would not be as emotive. The music I chose was meant to compliment the narrative rather than overpower it therefore it is quite soft.

By using an image as a starting point the developing this into another medium such as video it helped spring board my ideas and sped up the process of generating a concept for the video. This process of starting from a rather simple image and then developing it into a new medium whether this be video or even a physical sculpture is something that I will continue into future projects.