Phonar: Task 5 – Step 2

For step 2 of task 5 I had to make a visual portrait of Massimo Vitali based on my research on him and his work. The image and accompanying text can be found below as well as on my Instagram here.


For the final task of Phonar I had to create a visual portrait of the author of my assignment and this was Massimo Vitali. Vitali is an Italian photographer that has tried a variety of different aspects of photography throughout his career all the way from photojournalism to cinematography however his most recent work that he as continued from the 90’s until present day focuses on public spaces in particular Italian beaches as they resonate with him on a personal level. As a result I have used an image I took while on holiday which has similar connotations to his images of Italian beaches and it is a place that resonates with me. Vitali mainly photographers beaches in Italy and therefore this has led me to believe he has a very personal connection with the environment he photographs and that the images are not just aesthetically pleasing for him but have deeper layer of meaning as they show modern society and how people interact with their environment. 


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Charlotte Pattinson

Photography student

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