Phonar: Task 5 – Initial Brief + Step 1

For task 5 I was given an assignment by Massimo Vitali entitled Mistakes. The assignment was also accompanied by a quote from Raymond Carver which is as follows “You’ve got to work with your mistakes until they look intended. Understand?”. This quote underpins why Vitali set the assignment as he believes it is essential for everyone to make mistakes in their work to succeed in photography. Below is the synopsis of my assignment:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 22.21.20

My initial thoughts on this task was to explore further into Vitali’s own work yet focus on taking images that I would not normally take due to the risk of them not turning out how I want. Therefore because I have to shoot a roll of film I am planning on using a disposable camera as there is more chance of the image having mistakes on it and not turning out how you expect even if you position the camera correct even in good lighting. This also gives me the ability to be more spontaneous with my images as I do not have to focus them or adjust the aperture.


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