Phonar: Task 3 – Step 3 (Amy Elkins)

For step 3 of task 3 I had to create an image in the style of my author Amy Elkins. The image that I created can be seen below with the accompanying text and on Instagram here.


Inspired by Amy Elkins work in ‘Whilst I am Drawing Breath’ I have created a collage of photos that are taken on a disposable camera whilst on my travels. Just like in Elkins series the images are by no means technically perfect and have personal marks such as the smug on the lens and the slightly off angle. For me they are snapshots of my travels. While Elkins used a camera on her phone to take the images in her series and I opted for a disposable camera as I was still able to make spontaneous images and I could not be edit or deleted them after shooting. The low quality of the images in both of our images reinforces the idea of taking the photo in the moment and creating a visual diary that is more concerned with using the image as a memory like a diary entry rather than taking a technically good photograph


Published by

Charlotte Pattinson

Photography student

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