Phonar: Task 3 – Step 2 (Amy Elkins)

I originally planned to research into all three of the authors of my assignment however when researching online and in the library there was nothing on William Hendricks therefore I was unable to get an idea of his work or as a person. As a result I have only created visual portraits and photos in the style of for two of my authors however I felt this was suffice in getting to know why they set the assignments they did and has made me experiment with styles and methods of working I would not normally do.

Below is my response to step 2 for Amy Elkins and shows my visual portrait of her and accompanying text. The post can also be found on Instagram here.


For task 3 I had to create a visual portrait of Amy Elkins and the image above shows my visual representation of her. Elkins has received her BFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and her work primary focuses on intimate formal portraits primarily of men through which she explores vulnerability, the nuances of identity, and transitional states. However in Elkins most personal work ‘Whilst I am Drawing Breath’ she has created a body of work containing images that were taken while on her two year artist residency in Germany. In my opinion this work shows Elkins personal experiences, her identity, transitory states in her life and the vulnerability that comes along with this. The title “Whilst I am Drawing Breath” also suggests the importance of the current moment; her life the way she sees it at this moment in time and everything that comes with being alive and breathing.

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