Phonar: Task 3 – Step 2 (Silvio Wolf)

For step 2 of task 3 I had to create a visual portrait of the author of my assignment. However when researching into the assignment it became apparent that it was important to research into all 3 authors of my assignment and therefore this meant creating 3 different visual portraits and images in the style of for step 3 as it was evident that Amy Elkins work did not reflect the two parts of the assignment set.

Step 2

The image I produced for this step of task 3 was greatly influenced by Wolf’s work with light. The image that I produced can be found on Instagram here with the accompanying analysis into his life and work as well as a larger version of the image below.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

For task 3 of Phonar I was given an assignment by Silvio Wolf and as part of my research I had to create a visual portrait of him. To me this is my visual representation of how I view Wolf as a person and as an artist. I was greatly influenced by his work with light in his series Horizons as well as his work Thresholds where he describes that “Thresholds are conceived as transitional sites, places that unite and divide at the same time, simultaneous visions of the inside and of the outside, of here and there.” Wolf’s work primarily focuses on the language of images and presence and absence within visual perception. Having a background in philosophy and psychology he is also interested in representing the perception of a simultaneous past and present, here and elsewhere, coexisting in time and space. Wolf stated in an interview that “Photography can be  thought of as an interpretation of visual reality…new visions can be found in the image themselves. These visions don’t relate to the real place and object any longer, they are windows which we can see beyond.” 

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