Phonar: Task 3 – Step 1 (Initial Brief)

For task 3 I was given the assignment in the Photographer’s Playbook entitled Two Challenges by Amy Elkin. However the two assignments underneath her introduction were written and assigned by two different photographers. I have simplified the assignment as seen below in my tweet which can also be found here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 20.05.30

My initial thoughts when beginning research was to begin researching into each of the different photographers that set the assignments – Amy Elkins, Silvio Wolf and William Hendricks. As the introduction to the assignment is given by Amy Elkins and the two parts of the assignment are assigned by different photographers by researching into their work it will enable to me gain a further understanding as to why they set the assignment and how it relates to their practice. In turn, this will also give me inspiration and ideas as to how to approach the separate assignments.

My initial thoughts of these assignments are that they are both challenging in their own right and both will require different approaches; one will require more conceptual work and thinking while the other will require on the spot thinking. I believe the assignment that will challenge me the most is part 2 where I will have to not only ask strangers to take their portrait but take the portrait itself. Portrait and street photography is an area within photography that I lack confidence in and I have always struggled with taking peoples portraits, whether this be friends or family as well as strangers. Therefore this task will push me not only technically but as a person.


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