Phonar: Task 2 – Steps 2 &3

For task two I am to develop an assignment that I completed with my class in the finding workshop. The assignment that I have chosen to develop further into a body of work is the One Hour Photo Project by Christine Shank. The synopsis of the task that was put together by the whole class can be found below as can the image that I created within one hour using the object I was given.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 17.32.09

Below is the image that I created within the hour. I was given party poppers as my item and I used contents of the popper to drape over the plant.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 17.36.38

I found this task challenging as I tried to think of a concept behind placing the item where I did and I tried to plan how I wanted to take the photography. I used my iphone camera to take the image therefore the quality and focus of the image was limited however I mainly wanted to focus on the lighting and the form of the plant. However once reflecting on this task it became apparent that this task is good starting point to develop bodies of work further and pick out key concepts from the image taken within the hour.

There are a range of elements that I can pick out of the image I have taken that can lead me to develop this into a larger and more coherent body of work. When analysing the image with my peers together we picked out that the shape of the branches and leaves of the plant look quite elegant and almost like human hands and the gold string from the party popper almost looks like jewellery draped onto a body part. Therefore to develop this image further I could photograph plants and trees that resemble body parts or the inside of a body such as veins. This idea led me to look further into the image and notice the detailing on the leaves of the plant. These also look like veins and if photographed close up with a macro lens they could imitate skin due to the red colouring of the plant. However it would be interesting to take away the colour from the image to make it look more scientific and medical looking.


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