Phonar: Task 1 – Letter to Todd Hido

As part of this task I had to make communication with the author of my assignment. I chose to write Todd Hido a letter rather than something online or digital such as an email as he as an interest in curating photobooks and spends a lot of time teaching workshops and therefore I thought a letter would be more personal and tactile just like his photobooks. The letter is as followed:

Dear Todd Hido,

 I am writing you this letter to inform you that I have recently completed and responded to the assignment that you set in the Photographer’s Playbook entitled Expose Yourself. My name is Charlotte Pattinson and I am currently a second year BA (Hons) photography student at Coventry University whose own practice mainly focuses on the landscape. My photography tutor personally set me this task out of all of the others in the book, as it was either relevant to my own photography practice or to allow me to experiment with different methodologies.

In order to fully immerse myself in the task and gain a greater understanding as to why you set the assignment you did, I began researching into your own practice and bodies of work. Your body of work Roaming resonated with me the most due to the nature of the journey and the snapshot aesthetic of the images to tell a narrative. I began to notice that you often revisited places you lived or visited during your childhood and when reflecting on my own work I noticed how often a lot of the scenes that I photograph are a subconscious reflection of my childhood memories and the places I have visited. Often my body of work begins by researching the area in detail before I get there and having a rough idea of what I would like to photograph at each site then after each shoot I will begin to refine what I photograph. However when undertaking the assignment you set I changed the way I took my images.

 The task called for me to go to a place I have not been before and take as many images as I could of the details I would usually miss in everyday life. I was not able to take an overnight trip due to financial circumstances and not being able to drive made my trip more limited but I decided to visit somewhere in my home county of Lincolnshire I have never been before. Having never visited the town of Stamford before and having no previous knowledge of it I went there with no expectations of what to photograph. I began to walk around the town slowly and started to become more aware of my surroundings. When deciding to take the image I tried not to think so much why I wanted to take it – I took photographs of details that captured my attention. In turn I ended up with a lot of architectural images showing the details of the historic buildings and architecture. After reading interviews from you and related this back to the assignment I began to notice that what I decided to photograph during this assignment where I was exposed to a new environment there was a trend in my images. This has shown me what I am attracted to when making images and most importantly what I am interested in.

  Kind Regards,

 Charlotte Pattinson


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