Phonar: Task 1 – Step 4&5 (Completed Assignment + Critical Rationale)

For the step 4 of Task 1 I was given the task in the Photographer’s Playbook titled ‘Expose Yourself’ by Todd Hido. After carrying out the other steps and immersing myself in the work and practice of Hido before going to my chosen location this enabled me to get a better sense of his working process and how I could incorporate elements of this into my own images while carrying out the task. Below are the images I have taken for his assignment.


Critical Rationale: The assignment called for me to go to a place I have not been before and take as many photos as I could. Unlike Hido I could not get on a flight or go on an overnight trip due to time and financial constraints. However I was able to visit a place within my own County that I have not been to before and have no previous knowledge on. My chosen location was Stamford in Lincolnshire and I spent the entire day walking around the town. I interpreted the task as being about the details I would not usually notice when walking around a place in every day life rather than the location itself. I tried to look for unusual compositions and details in architecture that would be missed when walking down the street and as a result I became more aware of my surroundings. By walking slowly around Stamford and taking the time to look around my surroundings more I noticed I began to photograph objects and scenes that captured my attention. This aspect of the assignment was greatly influenced by Hido’s own practice of taking images, particularly in his series Roaming in which he documents his journey to places and the small details on route. I found this method helped show me what I am drawn to as a photographer and most of all what I like to photograph. I also experimented more with different angles and different depths of fields to what I normally shoot and this allowed me to see what type of focuses work best with different architecture/scenes.



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