Phonar Task 1: Step 3 – Image in the style of Todd Hido

For the third step of Task 1 I was to make an image in the style of Todd Hido using the research and the supporting image to conduct a critical analysis of his work. Due to posting it on Instagram I tried to keep the supporting text short but detailed in order for the audience to gain a brief insight into his work and how this relates to my own image. Below is larger original version of the image and supporting text. The image can also be found on Instagram here.


I was greatly influenced by Todd Hido’s style of images in his body of work Roaming. My own image is taken from behind the windshield of a car while on a car journey to the location that I was exploring for my assignment.

In his series Roaming, Hido moves away from his early process of working as seen in his night images and opts for a handheld and spontaneous approach to image making. The images are taken through rain streaked car windows of what he observes on his travels. While the images appear to look like film stills the images are taken in the moment with no staging and focus on the journey Hido has taken to get to his destination.

The use of diffused lighting and shooting in dramatic weather conditions combined with the snapshot aesthetic allowed Hido to create an eerie atmosphere. This atmosphere not only depicts the physical act of journeying but also the emotions attached with it such as a sense of longing and loneliness.

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Charlotte Pattinson

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