Phonar Task 1: Step 2 – Visual Portrait

For step 2 of Task 1 I was to make a visual portrait of Todd Hido using my research into his life and practice and post this on Instagram. The full sized portrait I created can be found below along with the accompanying text and it can also be found on Instagram here.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

To me this is my interpretation of Hido and his work. Taken in my bedroom as the sun was rising the image represents the space I grew up in and how the lighting alters the atmosphere of the room. Much of Hido’s work revisits his childhood suburbs and desolated spaces. “The primary thing that draws me in is where I see something that reminds me of places that i’ve been before that reminds me of where I grew up in Ohio.” His early series Houses at Night showcased various suburban homes lit with a single light source lending a sense of urgency and despair to the otherwise ordinary scenes. Greatly inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, Hido’s images created a narrative of suburban dwellings. They appear as cold places where secrets are kept and lies are told – especially at night. Hido describes his narratives as “All of the memories and experiences from my past come together subconsciously and form a kind of fragmented narrative.”


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Charlotte Pattinson

Photography student

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