Phonar Task 1: Initial brief + Step 1

For the first task in the Phonar module I was set a five part assignment. The steps are as followed:

Step 1: Read your assignment thoroughly. Tweet a synopsis of the assignment you have been allocated. Think about how someone could use your synopsis to complete the assignment themselves.

Step 2: Conduct an investigation into the author of your task, learn about their life and career as much as you can. This investigation will be realised with an Instagram post that shares a visual portrait of the author, with some key statements that will enable a reading audience to get some sense of who they are, and what you have discovered about them. 
Whichever way you approach the visual component; you will need to substantiate your decision within your critical rationale (Step 5)

Step 3: Conduct a critical analysis of the author’s work–focus on attaining a sense of how their work may relate to the assignment they have contributed to The Photographer’s Playbook. This critical analysis will be presented in a second Instagram post, with an image you have made in the author’s “style,” that may help illustrate the key points you are making about the work.

Step 4: Complete the assignment. In some instances, this will require adaptation or interpretation, which will need to be clearly articulated in your critical rationale.

Step 5: Write a 250-word critical rationale focused on substantiating the choices you have made at Step 4. Make sure critical language is employed. Where needed include a rational for how you have adapted the assignment/idea.

The main focus in task one is to research the photographer throughly and gain a deeper insight into the photographer themselves and their way of working. This involves creating a visual portrait of them and also creating an image in their style, both pieces need to be supported by research and analyses.

I then need to respond to the assignment written by the photographer in the Photographer’s Playbook. The assignment that I was given was Expose Yourself by contemporary artist and photographer Todd Hido. Due to the nature of the assignment we are allowed to adapt and interoperate them to suit our circumstances, however I will need to provide a rational for any adaptations made.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 13.59.35

My initial thoughts on this task was to begin planning somewhere that I have not been before but I am able to get to. Due to living in a small town with limited transport it proved very difficult to get to cities within 50 miles of me via train due to it taking over 5 hours in some circumstances. This meant that I would have to rely on a lift to my chosen place and as a result it would limit where I could go. Although in the assignment it says go on an overnight trip due to commitments and costs involved I would be unable to do this.

This gave me the idea that I could explore new places within my own county that I have not been before and this would allow me to spend the whole day there and travel back at night. Having grown up in Lincolnshire and lived there all of my life I have visited many of the surrounding villages and tourist attractions such as Lincoln Cathedral, Steep Hill, Belton House…yet there are many places near me that I have not visited yet. I began researching into places within my county that I have not been before and these are the possible places I could visit:

  • Stamford
  • Gibraltar Point
  • Fulbeck
  • Caythorpe
  • Spalding
  • Gainsborough


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