152MC: Sketchbook (Photobook Ideas and Practice books)

Below are the practice books I made before making my final photobook.

My first two attempts at coptic binding did not work out as well as I planned. Instead of looping through the stitch i knotted it and this causes the string to look very thick and the pages to be loose. I also changed a lot of the sequencing of the book and moved the images around.

I also tried stab binding to see if it was going to be appropriate for my photobook even though I thought coptic binding would work better. I like how decorative the binding is, however I want my book to open flat and this binding does not allow for that.

For my fourth attempt at binding I used a very waxy thread and this meant that it was difficult to keep tension in the thread and keep the binding tight and signatures close together once opened. The thread also made the binding look messy and it stuck out prominently. The binding is meant to lay flat. In addition, because the thread was waxy it was very thick and it ripped many of the pages and holes, even on thicker paper I still think it would of ripped.

For my fifth attempt I tried using double threaded embroidery thread as I thought it would be more flexible than the thick waxed thread. By double threading the thread it was too thick and knotted easily. It also ripped many of the pages as I was pulling it through. The overall appearance of the binding does not look very tidy.

My final practice book turned out very well. I used unwaxed embroidery thread and 200 gsm paper which was the same thickness as the paper I was getting my final images printed on. The binding looked neat and opened flat. The only issue I had was I didn’t have a front or back cover. I tried binding a signature of 4 as the cover however it did not open properly. I began to experiment with different covers and thickness or card.


I tried using a watercolour style of paper and wrapping it around a piece of thick card however the colour was not working well with my images, I needed to go for a darker colour as the tones in my images are dark. I also tried cutting a section out for the title to replicate the windows in my images. However I felt this looked gimmicky. In the end I decided to use thick navy blue card as it went with the dark blue tones in my images.


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