152MC: Sketchbook (Initial Ideas)

For this assingment we had the choice of working in a sketchbook or making posts on our blog. I chose to use a sketchbook as I felt I was able to visually communicate my ideas more clearly and it gave me more freedom to jot any ideas down. I have scanned these pages in below.

For this assingment we had to make our own handcrafted photobook which contains within it a narrative. The narrative could be sourced from anywhere and it would be from real life or fiction. We also had to create a series of portrait, landscape, still life and interior images to show our control of lighting for our intended outcomes and to consider the multi faceted nature of narrative.  However, these images did not have to be used in our final book. A large part of this assingment will be looking at the process and skill of identifying and refining subjects, themes and narratives.

We got given unique packs to help us gain inspiration for our assingment. These packs containing quotes, text from literature, coordinates, a mixed tape and codes that corresponding to book in the library. After looking through my pack one item caught my attention the most and that was a haiku from a famous Japanese poet. This then lead me to looking into the meaning behind the haiku and writing on Japanese traditions such as Wabi-Sabi, which centres on the acceptance of imperfections.

As soon as a saw the theme for this assingment was narrative, a direction which came to mind instantaneously was Wes Anderson. I find his use of symmetry and colour very interesting. His films almost look like a storybook and the stills looks like photographs rather than moving image. I began to research further into how he conveys narrative in his work and what set up he uses to create his scenes. From this I then began looking into similar screen writers/directors work which also emulates a storybook style. This got me thinking about perhaps setting up my own scenes in the studio and using stop motion and recreating a fictional story.


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Charlotte Pattinson

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