152MC: Sketchbook (Idea development)

After having a group tutorial and discussing our initial research/ideas for the assingment I was recommended the book ‘In Praise of Shadows’ by Jun’ichiro Tanizaki. This book discussed traditional Japanese aesthetics and how they are different from western aesthetics. One of the most interesting points Tanizaki makes in the book is how in western culture we rely too much on artificial lighting, we not not see the beauty in the shadows and dimly lit rooms. This then lead me to think of potential ideas for my project in regards to lighting and how the architecture of a building effects this.

Another one of my ideas focused around gardens and telling a narrative through them. I was mainly inspired by my research into Wes Anderson and how he takes one small theme and creates it into a narrative. My main idea regarding gardens was to create a fictional story of a secret garden which would be a nostalgic representation of childhood and creating your own fantasies. However I felt that my ideas on the theme of light were stronger.

I began taking pictures around my house of light which would normally go unnoticed. I began to find beauty in the the patterns cast by the light and the shadows the objects/window light created. I took images early in the morning as the morning light came through my blinds and also of the patterns it left behind on my furniture and walls.


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Charlotte Pattinson

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