154MC: The Teacher’s Diary Film Review


The Teacher’s Diary is a heartfelt romantic comedy that was directed and written by Nithiwat Tharathorn, a director what is well known within the Thai film industry, particularly for this solo debut film Seasons Change. With a growing list of successful romantic comedy films, The Teacher’s Diary further is set to contribute to this legacy. The two characters lives break the typical romantic comedy motif of boy meets girl, fall in love only to break up and get back together at the end. A change that was very refreshing to watch. The two characters lives run parallel with one another and take a similar turn of events as they face the same difficulties as one another. However they never meet until the end. The eagerly anticipated meeting of the characters is one of the aspects that draws the audience in and leaves them wanting more and wanting to know if Ann and Song ever meet.

After being fired from her job at a school, Ann is given a second chance to move to a remote island and teach on a boathouse. Song, a PE teacher is confronted with a similar opportunity to teach on the island for one year. Tired of their old lives and looking for a change, Song and Ann both gave up everything they had to teach children on the remote boathouse. The island was devoid of all aspects of modern life and this proved particularly difficult for both characters, even Ann who is a very strong willed. With an ever-encroaching feeling of loneliness and isolation as well as the struggle of maintaining a long distance relationship, Ann turned to her diary as a place to vent her frustrations and experiences. With the feeling of hopelessness Song was close to leaving the island completely when the discovery of Ann’s illustrated journal changes is perception. Song begins to read the journal and he is able to relate to everything Ann has written, thus it changes his outlook of the situation. He admires Ann’s determination and dedication and in turn he begins to put more effort into the teaching and forms close relationships with the children. Not only does this help develop Song’s character it shows just how important the quality of education is and it serves as a metaphor for never giving up.

The continuous anti-climax of their failed meetings finally ceases at the end of the film, a point where the whole audience let out a sigh of relief. The two leading actors create realistic and loveable characters that the audience can relate to. Although the dialogue was tightly scripted there was no shortage of laughable moments. These moments ensured the film remained light-hearted and never too melancholy. Furthermore the setting of the film provided a cinematic view of the remote island and captured the essence of the film perfectly. The moody mornings to the faded golden light in the evening created a pathetic fallacy, an aspect that made the cinematography work extremely well.


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