154MC: Artefact Informed by Extra Curricular Activity

The images below are a selection of those I was commissioned to take for a small-scale local flower business. The owner of the business is very passionate about growing British flowers and preserving the heritage of Britain’s flowers. They grow every flower by hand and produce the final arrangements themselves, using self sources quirky vases, jam jars and pottery. I found this process very unique in an industry which is heavily dominated by mass market, imported flowers that are prepackaged and sold in supermarkets. I wanted to ensure that I had the same vision as the client for the photo shoot so I discussed the types of images they wanted and put together a mood board with them. By finding out more about the business and it’s vision I was able to produce the style of images which they wanted and also the type of images that would appeal to their target audience.

A lot of the inspiration came from magazines such as Kinfolk and Country Living which showcase the natural and organic nature of the growing process and the flowers. The images have an analogue and rustic feel to them which makes them feel homely and show a relaxed lifestyle which is very family orientated. I wanted the images to create a narrative of the flowers being grown, put together by hand and showcase them in their final form. One of they key aspects I wanted to showcase was how the flowers are all grown by hand and that every aspect of the process is natural. Therefore the images were not staged or set up, I took the pictures when I saw an interesting moment.

I am also very interested in small craft businesses and artists who produce high quality artisan products and are passionate about what they do. In the future I want to be able to share these peoples stories and by using my photography I want to promote and showcase their skills. This is an area of photography I would like to develop further. After reading Kinfolk I noticed that alongside the images there is also an article about the artist and what their trade is. I found this very interesting because it allows the reader to gain a further insight into the artist and trade that they would not get simply from viewing the image. In my future work I want to try and include something like this to strengthen my images and reinforce the story telling aspect of my work.

Below are the images I took for the business.

_1790663_1790665BeFunky Collage

The images were then used to promote the business on social media, websites and on posters. One of the images was also used as a feature article about the business in Miss to Mrs magazine.


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