151MC: Workbook and Reference List

As part of assignment 1 I kept a workbook along side my blog. Within the workbook I have put all of my research, development of ideas, articles, tests, contact sheets and work prints. By keeping a physical book it made it easier to keep all of my ideas in one place and it allowed me to show the development of my ideas. Below is a video I made which shows you the workbook.

As well as keeping a record of all of my ideas I also produced a reference list of all of my research.


British Film Institute (2008) Manufactured Landscapes [DVD] London: BFI

Burtynsky, E. (2013) Homesteads [online] available from http://www.edwardburtynsky.com/site_contents/Photographs/Homesteads.html [22 January 2015]

Daniel Shea (n.a) Coal Work [online] available from http://www.danielpshea.com/coalwork [28 February]

Greater Lincolnshire Partnership (2012) Local Conservation Sites [online] available from http://www.glnp.org.uk/partnership/local-sites/ [9 February]

Hester, A., Thompson, D., Usher, M. (1995) Heaths and Moorland: Cultural Landscapes. Edinburgh: HMSO for Scottish Natural Heritage

Lincolnshire County Council (2014) Lincolnshire Lime Woods Project [online] available from http://microsites.lincolnshire.gov.uk/limewoods/about/limewoods-project/about-the-limewoods-project/ [11 February 2015]

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust (2014) List of Roadside Verges [online] available from http://www.lincstrust.org.uk/sites/default/files/roadside_reserves.pdf [10 February]

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust (2014) Whisby Nature Reserve [online] available from http://www.lincstrust.org.uk/whisby-nature-park [10 February]

Lopez, Y. (2014) Paul Gaffney: We Make the Path by Walking book [online] available from https://vimeo.com/81405505 [20 February]

McMichael Canadian Art Collection. (2013) Edward Burtynsky: The Landscape That We Change [online] available from http://www.mcmichael.com/adams-burtynsky/edward-burtynsky.html [22 January 2015]

Moorland Association (2006) Heather Burning [online] available from http://www.moorlandassociation.org/heather_burning2.asp [18 February]

Natural England (2013) Wilsford and Rauceby Warrens [online] available from http://www.sssi.naturalengland.org.uk/citation/citation_photo/1002374.pdf [9 February]

Nature Conservancy Council. (1990) Focus on nature conservation: Nature conservation and agricultural change, 9-41

North York Moors National Park Authority (n.a) Local Development Scheme 2013-2016 [online] available from http://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/planning/framework/LDS-2013-2016.pdf [12 February]

North York Moors National Park Authority (n.a) Moorland Reports [online] available from http://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/discover/moorland/reports-and-resources [13 February]

Push Collective (2014) Stephen Vaughan Interview [online] available from http://pushcollective.tumblr.com/post/51484880644/stephen-vaughan-artist-interview [2 February 2015]

Stephen Vaughan (n.a) Stephen Vaughan Portfolio [online] available from http://www.stephenvaughan.co.uk/index.html [2 February 2015]

Ted Talk. (2005) Edward Burtynsky: Manufactured Landscapes and Green Education [online] available from http://www.ted.com/talks/edward_burtynsky_on_manufactured_landscapes [23 January 2015]

Travis Shaffer (2014) Eleven Mega Churches [online] available from http://travisshaffer.com/index.php?/books/elevenmegachurches/ [1 March]

Wells, L. (2011) Land Matters. London: I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd


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