151MC: Second Shoot

After my first shoot I then went to photograph Raucby Warren in Lincolnshire which is a nature reserve and area of special scientific interest and the surrounding areas where conservation teams are replanting trees. This site contains some of the only remaining limestone grass heath within Lincolnshire. However next to this site runs a main road and a active railway line. I planned to highlight how close the site was to the man made infrastructures and show the contrast between the nature and urbanisation.

Below are contact sheets from the shoot and the images I feel turned out the best.



I like some of these images and think they work well with my theme  however I do not think they are strong enough to stand on their own without accompanying text and do not provoke the reaction that I want. I believe that this is partly due to the choice of location and because I have shot this during winter, there is no greenery to emphasise how this is a thriving ecosystem. Consequently, the images convey a message of desolation and unfruitfulness. Therefore for my next shoot I am going to choose a new location.

In addition to this,  I feel like the angle in the image of the train track does not show the area of conservation, to me it does not convey the message I am trying to convey in my work. However I do like how the point of view draws the viewer into the image, this is something I could experiment on further.

Personally I find that the images which are shot head on are stronger as it does not try and trick the viewer, it tells them how it is and creates a greater sense of truth within the image. This is something I will try and incorporate into my other shoots.


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Charlotte Pattinson

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