151MC: First Shoot

After deciding on my locations I set off to photograph the nature reserves and conservation areas. I wanted to be able to show what manmade features have been put in place within the reserves, what work has been done and also how we has humans are still developing within these protected areas or around them.

Here are some contact sheets of some of the images I took on this shoot. For these images I visited Whisby Nature Park in Lincolnshire which is just outside the city of Lincoln. Being on the edge of the city I found it interesting to see what development was taking place within the park. When I was walking round the park two things in particular caught my attention. The electricity pylons running through the lake and wetland area and the railway tracks and cycle paths which were being built through the park.

The images below try and explore this theme and highlight my point.





Access to the bridge on the south side of the railway has been designed to protect the valuable oak wood and scrub by using the old gravel pit ramp. The habitat here is important for Whisby’s nightingales, a regionally important population in Lincolnshire. It also helps to reduce the visual impact of the bridge by the screening of the existing trees. Another ramp is planned to be planted with gorse to replace the lost habitat.

As you can see from the map above a railway track runs all the way through the park. When showing the images to my lecturer he said that perhaps photographing this alone would stand as an example for how humans are still taking over nature in areas of special interest and conservation. If my images were strong enough this could be a possibility. However at this stage I wanted to gather a range of images which were slightly different interpretations of my theme.

I also wanted to show the types of environments which were in the park and how the land was being used to create habitats for plants and animal species. These are some of the images which I feel turned out the best from this shoot which reflected this.



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