151MC: Further Reading – Nature Conservation and Agricultural Change

After deciding on my theme I wanted to read further into the changes within conservation and agriculture in the UK and some of the plans that have been put in place or are going to be put in place in the future. Therefore I read No.25: Nature conservation and agricultural change by the Nature Conservancy Council.

Nature Conservation

This journal highlighted to me the importance of conservation and because agricultural land covers almost 80% of land in Great Britain it is the most important and determining influence on the survival of wildlife habitats. However this land faces many threats such as forestry, industrialisation, urban development and even the change in farming practices which have changed greatly since the WW2. In many cases this has caused habitats to decline drastically.

In order to develop my knowledge further I am going to research further into the main problems which are causing habitat loss and fragmentation, the loss of species and what conservation projects are being implemented around the UK in order to tackle this.


  • Nature Conservancy Council. (1990) Focus on nature conservation: Nature conservation and agricultural change, 9-41


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