151MC: Assignment 1 Initial Ideas (Rural Life/Agriculture)

When I was writing my ideas down for what I could explore within the rural life/agriculture topic I felt that I had a more in depth knowledge and these topics resonated more with me as I have an interest in nature conservation and coming from a rural and farming area I have been brought up visiting these type of projects and seeing first hand what is being done.


I had 4 main ideas within this topic which all interlink with each other. One of the main ideas I wanted to explore was the building of wildlife corridors and green belts. These are man made areas which are built along roads or in urban areas which prevent large developments from being built on these sites in order to protect areas of agricultural, wild and undeveloped land. The wildlife corridors are an attempt to reduce the fragmentation of habitats and reconnect wildlife populations which have been separated by human structures such as roads. A possible idea would be to explore how these man made structures are invading habitats and effecting ecosystems and bio diversity and why we are only just bothering to do this now after we have destroyed the habitats in the first place.

After living in Lincolnshire my whole life and growing up in a farming county where fresh local grown produce is sold in farm shops I have always been interested in agriculture and what the land is essentially used for and whether the farming practices are sustainable and how these practices have had to develop over time in order to supply larger retailers. I’m particularly interested in how these farms and land provide for the local community and whether it is sustainable to grow just for the local community or whether a more mass market practice is needed in order for these industries to survive. This also led me to question whether it is ethical and whether it is the financial benefits which outweigh this.

Another idea which further explores how humans have further effected habitats is to photograph and investigate further into distinctive ecologies which develop along route ways and show how nature is interacting with the man made environment and what is being done to manage this or not manage it.

However the idea which I was the most interested in exploring further is what is being done to conserve these habitats and why there is a need to do so and why these areas/species are under threat. In particular how the man made environment is still encroaching into these areas of conservation. I was also interested in the different sides of the argument. How do the farmers feel about their land being turned into protected areas, how do developers and conservationists feel about this? Also what scale are these projects on.


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