151MC: Assignment 1 and 2 Brief

For our next module we have been given two assignments. The first assignment consists of a portfolio of digital photographic work which is to be supported by an individual workbook and the second assignment is a five minuet presentation on the body of work which we created in assignment 1. The presentation should show the research which underpinned our body of work and also include first hand research with a least one relevant and established individual in relation to my chosen topic.

The topics which he have been given are:

  • Ageing population
  • International Culture in the UK
  • Agriculture
  • Rural Life
  • City Regeneration
  • Ownership and Property

The given themes are very broad however I should research further into them to find a niche area which I become very knowledgable on. This will strengthen my body of work and allow me to answer questions which I will set myself  throughout the assignment. We have been given the freedom as to what we explore within the theme and what constitutes as a body of work. It could be a series of images, a sound and image installation or even include a video. Whatever I decide to do I need to ensure that it is conceptually resonate with the topic and is represented in my work.

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Charlotte Pattinson

Photography student

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