Assignment 1: Encountering Culture (Presentation of Final Images)

The overall presentation of my work can either strengthen it or weaken it and it will also effect how the work is viewed by the audience. In order for my work to be taken seriously and highlight the serious issues raised in my work,  I do not want it to look gimmicky. From the onset of the assignment I never wanted my work to be presented in a straight horizontal or vertical row. When researching into other photographers work I took note of how they presented their work and how this made me view the work. I really liked the way Todd Hido presented his series Excerpts From Silver Meadows. The range of image sizes makes you jump from picture to picture and the range of images allow the viewer to form their own story and come to their own conclusion of what he is trying to show. I think this method of displaying work is very effective as he had a wide range of subject matter. Also the use of no frames creates an informal and intimate element to the work, it encourages the viewer to get up close to the pictures and this is what I want to do with my work. I want people to engage with it and see the details of urban decay in the image. I think that presenting my work too formally will make the scenes appear almost beautiful when I want them to see the neglected and rundown state of the areas.

Excerpts from Silver Meadows (2013)
On This Site Exhibition

I also liked how Joel Sternfeld presented his work for his series On This Site. The use of diptych’s accompanied by a single image in a frame next to it allows the viewer to move from site to site. Like Sternfeld I photographed different sites however the subject in my image varies from site to site therefore I don’t think my work would be as effective presented like this. However the use of a plain white frame makes the image stand out more against the white wall and this is something which I am considering when presenting my images. I want them to stand out against the background yet not cause any distraction.

Another idea I had which was inspired by Todd Hido and Will Steacy’s work is the use of photomontage with magazine cuttings. Steacy made a photomage of his work which was imbedded within a range of magazine, newspaper clippings and articles which showed propaganda within America. While my intentions of this project were not politically focused it would be an interesting concept to include articles which show the trash and neglectful culture in the UK and also all the cases of vandalism and how society as a whole as responded to it. On the other hand this could also distract the viewer from the images and add to the already cluttered scene which would be quite overwhelming to view.

Down these Mean Streets Exhibition (2012)

I decided that I wanted to present my work in white frames however I wanted my images to be different sizes and presented in a collage like fashion. The frames will be clustered together and the scattered like appearance will take away the formality of the images. By having the prints different sizes it will make the viewer look closer at the images and get up close to them. In addition, by not displaying the images in a liner format it creates a slight feeling of disorder and makes them less perfect. This is what the images reflect.

Below is the order in which I would want the images displayed in if they were in a gallery which is where I would want my images to be displayed. However I understand that this may limit my audience and therefore if they were to be presented in a newspaper or magazine I would display them in this format without the frames. Due to being on a limited budget I purchases 3 different frame sizes to show how my images would be displayed if they were in a gallery. I did originally want my frames to have a thinner boarder however I was limited as to what I could buy from the shops in coventry as they had to be within walking distance and they had to be affordable. If I was to do this again and could afford it I would purchase white frames similar to the ones in Joel Sternfeld’s exhibition.

Final layout presentation

Final layout framesAccompanying the images to the left I would display the title of the series, Urban Blight and below this would be a brief summary of what the series is about. I do not think that the series needs an in depth piece of text or explanation to support it. Plus I want the viewer to view my work with no preconceptions and to gather most of the context through viewing the images.


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