Assignment 1: Encountering Culture (Second Shoot)

After my first shoot I decide to re-visit some of the locations and photograph different parts of them, from different angles. I wanted to ensure that I had at least 3 strong images of the graffiti. I feel like in my first shoot I was not 100% certain of what I wanted to photograph specifically, however this time around I had a better idea of what I truly wanted to show in my work. As a result, I feel that there are more useable negatives from this shoot. I produced a contact sheet in order to select which images to enlarge and produce test prints with. Although the majority of the negatives were exposed correctly the top two rows of images appear to be overexposed which made it difficult to see how these images turned out.

Scan 12From the contact sheet I decided to enlarge 4 images, the first one being one of the overexposed images on the contact sheet. I had to use a lot of test strips in order to get the exposure right. In the end I ended up having an exposure time of 10 seconds, the contrast of 2.5 and an aperture of 5.6. However I still feel that this image is lacking contrast just like the rest of the images I printed last time. Therefore I am going to go back and experiment further with the contrast and exposure time.

Scan 13

After focusing my attention more on items of rubbish and discarded items I started walking to more run down areas and alley ways. Admittedly I did feel nervous and uneasy about visiting these places, however I believe that the results were worth it. If I did not push myself to go to these places the images may not of been as honest and impactful. I believe that my images are more powerful and allow the viewer to envisage the atmosphere of the place. I found a sofa which had been abandoned in an alley and a trolley which was full of rubbish. I like how the rubbish is almost comedic and makes a point of highlighting the throw away culture in our society. I interoperated it as showing how we as a society shop are shopping for rubbish. Essentially we are a society which buys rubbish and we as consumers are not taking the responsibility to dispose of the waste correctly. In turn we are creating a culture and habit of being nonchalant and turning a blind eye to the issues we are creating. This also links back to the original question posed by the assignment. “Are you in harmony or in conflict within the social structure that you are part of?” and after taking these series of images I am closer to answering the question. I personally believe I am in conflict with this throw away culture and attitude towards waste as I actively take it upon myself to be as economical and environmentally friendly as I can be.

Scan 16

After using many test strips to find the correct exposure time I decided to develop these images. However when enlarged the exposure times were incorrect (as seen in the images above) The left image is underexposed even though it had been exposed for 17 seconds. The image on the right of the vandalised wall and roof which is in a state of disrepair would of been a good image however it is very overexposed. I am going to re-print these two images again.

After having a solid idea of which prints I want to develop further and become my final series of images I am now going to research further into presentation techniques, what type of environment I would want my work displayed in as well as considering what size I want to print my images.


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