Homage to a Precious Object

This weeks sketchbook task was to produce an image or set of images which pay homage to an object which is precious to you. The image wasn’t allowed to be supported by any text, therefore the value of the object had to be communicated through the image alone.

I started off by testing out the angle and lighting by using my DSLR, as I have no experience using a 35mm camera I wanted to make sure everything was set up right before I started shooting and using my film. I chose to photograph my journal and all of the tickets, stamps, guides and pictures taken on disposable cameras which I have collected over the years. For me this is something that is precious to me, it reminds me of all of the places I have travelled to and all of the memories I had there.

_1800911 copyI used the Pentax LX with a ISO 400 black and white film to produce my images. When developing them in the darkroom I increased the contrast to 2.5 as I felt that my negatives were a bit grey and had a low contrast. Using a contact sheet I chose 4 images which I thought turned out the best and then developed them.

Scan 6 Scan 7 copy 2

Scan 7

Scan 7 copy copy


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Charlotte Pattinson

Photography student

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